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Tetsuya Nomura

Date of Birth 13th Dec 1974
Place of Birth Gifu city, Japan

He has started taking photos of mountains and wild animals when he was 15 years old.

Wild life in Alaska,the Andes region and Antarctica has attracted him for years.

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Tetsuya Nomura

Welcome to my website.

About this site…

I have put in my photos of landscapes, wild life of・・・
Japan - the country I was born,
South Africa - the country I live now
and other countries I have travelled so far.

In our usual busy life, we easily forget that we are being protected and are kept alive by our planet “Earth”.

I respect the nature,the lives surrounding me and I try to keep them in my photos each time I feel “the breath of the earth”.

Our earth is full of wonders and beauties.

Let us explore this world together!

Tetsuya Nomura


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